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We are currently looking for ambitious ambassadors to represent our brand. This is an opportunity for more than just athletes, if you are someone who wants to STAND OUT and show passion for the industry.. we want you! Fill out the application below to apply:

Come Work With Us
Are you currently an influencer, ambassador, or any other type of individual marketer for any clothing line?

Thank you for your interest! We are currently reviewing your application and will reach out if accepted!

What does a Sota Muscle Ambassador do?

A brand ambassador for Sota Muscle is someone who loves our company and wants to help us promote and market the clothing through social media posts.

  1. Follow @SotaMuscle on all social media accounts 

  2. Feature Sota Muscle on all social media platforms (minimum of 1 post per week) 

  3. Spread positive awareness of the Brand to your friends and family

  4. Tag @sotamuscle and #sotamuscle on your ambassador social media posts 

  5. Include @SotaMuscle Brand Ambassador in your instagram bio 


What you get in return?

  1. Receive a discount code for all future purchases

  2. Receive a unique discount code to share with your followers so they can reap all the benefits 

  3. Be featured on Sota Muscle’s social media accounts

  4. First access to new product launches 


*Ambassadors will be measured monthly and the top ambassadors will receive free apparel, gift cards, and other amazing perks!*


Failure to follow the minimum requirements will result in termination of ambassador agreements between individual and Sota Muscle.

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